Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girl stuff

Hey all - the GNO post is up on the Jazz Fm blog - check it out..

In the midst of all my running around yesterday I did have time to indulge my beauty addiction - the new Shoppers Drug Mart is now open on Queen - just east of Spadina and they carry Bourjois - a line I fell in love with at Sephora but they either seemed to have dropped or never had items in stock - exciting - there is a great coral nail polish colour plus lots of other goodies including their lipglosses which I love..I had heard before they were a lower end line of a French couture line - Guerlain?

I also checked out Anna Sui which they carry - her packaging is so pretty - with all the rose themes - lovely compacts, and particularly the nail polishes - gorgeous. I succumbed and got #700 - pictured here a lovely pale pink with a bit of sheen but so many colours to choose from - very feminine.

Also in my recent shopping this great would I call it peacock or turquoise purse from Winners - comes with it's own wallet and lots of compartments...

Tonight is the annual (and sold out) "Jazz Lives" at Con Hall - I'm looking forward to Branford Marsalis and of course the stellar Benny Green.
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