Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tunnel Six

That seems like a very offbeat title for the article - you are probably wondering is she giving directions? Has she lost it? No, it's the name of Ben Dietschi's group a sextet of young musicians who met at Banff - from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and across Canada - they are appearing tonight at the Rex for the 9:30 show. The group is off on a cross country (or partly continent - since they are swinging down into the U.S.) tour thanks to a federal grant - be sure to catch them in your town/city/village/club/theatre...Ben is a graduate of the Master's program at U of T, "Jazzology" graduate and a great sax player and composer.  The guys are going to record an album in Portland Oregon after their tour.

Also this evening at the Reservoir the usual musical marvels and mayhem with Bradley and the Bouncers.

Coming up...Lily Frost does 2 shows at Hugh's Room - the first on Thursday more folk oriented and the second on Friday to the swing and jazz end of the spectrum. Both are sure to be great - I really enjoyed her when she did a Live to Air at Jazz FM with her band the Debonnaires.

Bev Taft is at the Dominion on Queen tomorrow at 8:30 - catch her before she bids adieu and is off on a trip to Paris. Not that I am jealous - bien, un peu.

Friday Ori Dagan - bass and bass with his friend Alex Bellegarde from Montreal, Margot Roi is at the Home Smith Bar, Dan Bodanis as per usual at Azure (Thurday - Saturday), Richard Underhill is guest artist at Quotes  and there are more listings to come as they occur to me...

On a sad note it's off to Woodbridge this evening and a memorial service for Paul Wilde - longtime volunteer with the EJS and Yardbird. Paul's gentle nature, enthusiasm, passion and hard work will be sorely missed by all. He was an integral part of the jazz community.
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