Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brenda Lewis - "Jazzlike"

I have often heard of the salons of the 19th century where patrons would have musicians perform in their homes and last night I got to experience this enchanting phenomenon at a home (Cafe Ingrid :) in the Upper Beaches where apple cider, cookies, salsa and tortilla chips and even a visit from a friendly cat named Rupert were in evidence. A lovely walk up from Queen Street through the leafy neighbourhoods was relaxing. Guests strolled out the back onto the patio and down to the edge of a verdant ravine.

The evening was for Brenda's brand new CD release "Jazzlike" and said chanteuse - whom I met through that great unifier/connector - Facebook was accompanied by guitarist Margaret Stowe (who reminded me sometimes of Amos Garrett). Lots of great material filling the cozy living room - a few of my faves  - Chris Whiteley's "Second Look",  a 1920s era gem "You Took Advantage of Me" and the poignant "Falling in Love Again". Brenda had an interesting take on Neil Young's "One Love Can Break Your Heart" - drawing comparison to Bacharach/David works - and by golly it's can almost hear Dionne warbling it.

I hope this is a continuing trend in the community - intimate, appreciate gatherings - why even I toyed with the idea - figuring I could squeeze a couple of dozen into my place and we have a piano even! Hmmmm....

If you live in the Guelph vicinity, Brenda and Margaret will be at Borealis Grille next Saturday June 12th at 8:30 p.m.

Check out Brenda's website and her myspace page...

This afternoon after the rain subsided a visit up to Artscape's Wychwood Barns was in order to partake of the Compassion Week Marketplace - which included vendors, a thought provoking photo exhibits, scrumptious nibbles - from Green Earth, Veggie Paradise and Pink Hart Diner  - had a mini turkey dinner - dumplings in gravy and some sugar cookies - the proprietor who manages the fun Rancho Relaxo and is responsible for veganizing some of their offerings - is looking for a restaurant space - with patio. I picked up some Cupcakes from The Cupcake Tree - succumbing to temptation .

Missed Jae Steele again - drat - maybe I will have to seek her out through my naturopath as she is a consulting nutrition person for her - I think I may make Morning Glory muffins from her new cookbook "Ripe from Around Here" demain.
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