Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cops and shops

A final image I hope from the debacle that was the G20 summit here in T.O.

I was delayed slightly in getting to Nathan Phillips Square last night for the Stanley Clarke concert. I thought uh oh, as I got close to University on Queen - and sure enough another protest. Thinking I was clever I went north and crossed at the earliest opportunity to find they had veered over the City Hall. Damn.

I blended in with the group as they passed through the vendor area and loved my friend Judy's comment to them about producing such a great turnout which earned her a great laugh from the crowd.

You can read about the concert on the Jazz FM blog...earlier I had gone up to the shops at Don Mills - part of the jazz festival programming and free  and was lured by the siren call of Bath and Body Works....good thing I didn't hit Murale. Interesting spot - fabulous McEwan gourmet grocery.....here's some pics of Montreal's  Eric St. Laurent on guitar and guest vocalist Justin Bacchus - you can usually hear Justin at the Rex doing lots of great r and b and soul on Saturday evenings....

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