Monday, June 21, 2010

Rochester Veg Eats

Jazz aside, a girl has got to eat and in particular this girl was looking for veg friendly places.

I did some research on the internet beforehand and found Veg Planet to be very helpful - also suggestions from a staff member at Abundance Co-op - the charming Natural Oasis - a lovely menu containing some Ethiopian dishes and other vegan items - the menu new every day...mushroom risotto, an interesting turnip and green dish - very fresh - like salad and not what I was expecting at all, supplemented by injera and a very welcoming vibe.

There was also He's Chinese which we discovered just down the street from the Plaza - they had faux meat dishes and lots of veg selection. We had a mixed veg and tofu dish and a "chicken" and broccoli - so our greens and veggies requirement was met.

Rochester has some fun neighbourhoods - on Park Avenue the food was outstanding - a recommendation from the clerk at Craft Company No. 6 -  purchased 2 great bowls with kind of a frost like glaze and a kaleidoscope -meant Mediterranean at Sinbad's - falafel, dolmas, a lovely spinach salad, tabbouleh, hummous and baba ganoush enjoyed on their outdoor patio.

Can you believe there is a vegan bakery - yep - Eco Bella in the South Wedge neighbourhood. The owner of the bakery started her career when people raved about her desserts at dinner parties and after a stint at the farmer's market - voila - a retail shop. The South Wedge is a cool area - an up and coming one....

If I had one minor complaint about the festival it was the lack of vegan options from the street vendors....just a thought. I think a juice bar would be a big hit....we did find lots of veg options at Golden Port Dim Sum - a sit down restaurant on East Avenue - so great selection there onion cake...woo hoo.
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