Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lovely Lilies

These beauties I acquired for the low, low price of  $3.98 downstairs at the Kitchen Table. Stargazers are possibly my favourite flower - along with Gerbera Daisies, Lilacs, Lily of the Valley.

My friend and trusted advisor Nancy has offered some food for thought about my blog - that is to say to take a more intellectual approach and research some people and questions about jazz more.

I am your guide on the jazz journey - come along and gaze with me in childlike wonder - absorbing music and magic.

I am fired up with ideas as per some of her suggestions including - What makes Billie Holiday special? What has changed with Jazz venues then and now - including how musicians lifestyles have changed, a timeline of jazz from trad to fusion are among the topics I will explore more indepth.

Today it's about bananas - I made some banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting - a la Elvis and a banana bread - yes I had a big package of overripe ones so there ya go.

Marc Myer's Jazz Wax Insider posed another puzzler via Maclean's magazine - with all the programming of boomer rock acts like Moody Blues in Montreal - is it really a jazz festival? Not to get all picky and purist on you - and hey I grew up with some of the  music they're programming - but success with these festivals can be a blessing and a curse.

As an introvert I am not a fan of huge crowded areas - that's my idea of a nightmare not a celebration so I have actually avoided places like Montreal for years - more of a public spectacle than about the music.  I was spoiled with the brilliant programming of Marc Vasey for a number of years in Edmonton and small crowds - which creates the dilemma - do we have more narrow parameters on jazz or more open to attract more funding and hence listeners?

I applaud that people would like to come out for the event and hope they stay to enjoy the music...that being said I know that many people come out for the festival who don't support live music the rest of the year - when musicians really need it. I have it on good authority that's what happens in Montreal. Live music of all types should be fostered all year round - it may not be as glamourous - well I think it is - but it's vital.

I am pretty open to new music and different genres - I repeat that I'm more enamoured of the music and less about the spectacle. I prefer it to be a more intimate experience.

Only a few more sleeps to the Rochester Festival - which I think is a fine example of a happy medium in many areas. I'm particularly looking forward to the jazz jams in the host hotel and the many clubs and venues.
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