Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making scents of life

I am trying out new fragrances these days - today it's "Si" by Lolita Lempicka - perhaps this will help me say yes to life? I know I always say yes to jazz and there are several events to choose from this week.

Tonight Justin Gray leads the Jazz Jam at the Rex and this just arrived in my inbox - a group of young Berklee musicians at Trane tomorrow night - 7:30 start - called Rodney Rocques and the Jazz Full Riders - joining them are Toronto's Sam Dickinson - who just happens to be pianist Brian Dickinson's offspring and Tutti Druyan on vocals. I'm sure there will be lots of high energy and great playing.

Thursday I am stopping by Azure - and breaking news, folks - Mr. Bee is bringing the Jazz Safari there on Saturday...woo hoo! Aubrey Dale holds court at the Rex later that evening and then on Friday there is the ever popular Quotes with Dave McMurdo and Mike Malone featured with the CJQ and westwards at the Old Mill it's Fern Lindzon on piano and vocals along with Mike Murley and Andrew Downing.

Saturday - Tequila Bookworm has Chris Chekan (Chris is a York U student and ahem "Jazzology") star and has Andew Pacheco and Rob Cappelletto with him - also visitors to the station.

Sunday - Chris Butcher brings some trombone goodness to Gate 403 for the 9 p.m. show which features his fellow Humber grads Justin Gray and Todd Pentney.

Your perfumed pal.
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