Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gray matter

 As in Justin and Derek - two talented young musicians who play bass and drums respectively and happen to be brothers. Justin of course taped "Jazzology" a couple of years ago and perhaps Derek will soon - he is a student of Humber his older brother's alma mater.

I'll get to the handsome blue furry gentleman to the left later....

Justin is hosting the jazz jam sessions this month at the Rex and has some stellar players lined up. He and Derek are teaming up for a gig tomorrow night at Trane - starting at 8 p.m.

Mike Murley is at Quotes this Friday with the CJQ, Dan Bodanis and his magical socks and trio at Azure this weekend as per usual, my friend Brenda Lewis is having an exclusive, invite only launch of her brand spanking new CD "Jazzlike" on Saturday - and I can't wait! Brenda is a fellow folkie and banjophile. I'll be sure to take photos and report back.

Less than 2 weeks until the Rochester Jazz Fest excursion and I can't wait - I will be blogging for Jazz FM.

Garden notes - I planted the tomatoes kindly given to me by super gardener friend Ailsa - Great White (dah dun, dah dun, da da da da da da da dadanah! - "Jaws" theme), Moldovan Green and Black Cherry....

I discovered the Green Beanery in my hood - King near Bathurst, north side - a branch of the cafe on Bloor and Bathurst and purchased some Bali "Paradise Valley" and Malabar Monsoon - ooh exotic.....

Made some Date Coconut Cookies from Jae's "Get it Ripe"....num num. Speaking of which saw a funny bit last night on "Cake Boss" or Bawss as they say - Buddy made a cake for the Sesame Street gang and a giant cookie for Cookie Monster - whose furry jaw dropped and said "me never seen anything so beautiful"! Then he proceeded to leave with his cookie, ignoring the cake and party! Love Cookie Monster!!

Yes, I am a big kid - it's the Aries in me - had an interesting discussion about being Aries at CORE Cardio Reformer Pilates at noon with two fellow Aries - Jill and the always energetic and lovable Amber. Agreed - we are impatient, enthusiastic and don't get it when others aren't and always full of wonder!
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