Saturday, January 8, 2011

Assassins - but not of jazz

Please go and see this production at the Toronto Theatre Centre and not just because the delightful Whitney Ross-Barris is in it..well, okay maybe you should go and see it because of her - she plays Emma Goldman and other ensemble parts. People it was written by Stephen Sondheim....controversial when it debuted in 1990 due to the subject matter - would be and successful presidential assailants it has finally made a connection in the 21st century. Trust me you will want to Google all the personae involved...particularly Charles Guiteau - who killed James Garfield - self styled lawyer, evangelist, speaker, author and obviously a little crazy proving that he who defends himself has a fool for a client.

The performances are superb. Really thought provoking....

Ahem, on a more cheerful note - catch Ori Dagan and his Elvis Tribute at Ten Feet Tall tonight on the Danforth and tomorrow - Danica Leigh is at a place called Wilson 96...I will be going to check out that one - it's at 615 College.

I feel like I'm a little out of the loop on happenings - the tendency in Canada to hibernate during the winter months of course and perhaps not writing as much - ergo, less attention and praise. I hope to have a posting up on the Jazz FM website shortly on the vocal workshop...

Yes, back to vocal workshop this week....round 2. Must get up to China House some Thursday - may have to play hookey - Mike Murley is there on February 3rd.

Speaking of Murley - he's also performing at the Pilot on the 22nd - the Pilot is also now offering Brunch all day....

I'm off to see Connie Kaldor at Hugh's Room tonight on a very snowy Saturday.
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