Tuesday, January 25, 2011


How wonderful this gripping film was nominated for Best Foreign Film - congratulations to all involved - well done.

Other nominations as predicted - too many actors in the acting categories to choose from - notable omissions - Ryan Gosling for "Blue Valentine", Dustin Hoffman in "Barneys' Version" and my current dreamboat - Paul Giamatti...sigh. Saw him being interviewed by etalk - he seems so sweet - not curmudgeonly at all - I like the way he says "Mawn tree all"....I could just eat him up..okay, enough with gushing before I become a puddle. Speaking of dreamboats - can't wait to see Javier Bardem in "Biutiful" - he got a Best Actor nod for that one.

Ryan Gosling - yes, he is Canadian - gets better and better all the time - I'm sure there will be numerous nominations in his future. He has a particular gift for letting his co-stars shine as well. He was amazing in  "Lars and the Real Girl", making his character sympathetic instead of creepy.

Jazz notes - it turns out I will be able to go to China House after all on Thursday - vocal workshop is Wednesday this week. I am working on Peggy Lee's "I Don't Know Enough About You" - which will be recorded..gulp. Also going to hear Mike Janzen Trio on Saturday at Glenn Gould - that's with Ben Riley and George Koller plus - my he certainly gets around, Mike Murley as special guest. Monday to the "Made in Canada" Sound of Toronto on Monday - featuring Jane Bunnett and Dave Young and Terry Clarke and Joe Sealy...they are also Order of Canada recipients..nice!

For info on Mike Janzen visit www.mikejanzen.ca

Bill King sent an email about more great Canadians at Lula Lounge on February 27th - the "Juno Jazz All Stars" in celebration of the 40th anniversary - included are Guido Basso, Hilario Duran, Pat LaBarbera, Don Thompson and on and on. Doors at 7 and show starts at 8 p.m. To reserve a table please call 416 588-0307 or email reserve@lulalounge.ca.
Tickets are only $15!! All proceeds go to Music Counts at www.musiccounts.ca - and it certainly does!
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