Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally made it to China House

And the verdict - loved it! Such a pleasure to see Larry Green again too! I find the place wonderfully retro with the 1950's interior complete with crossing over a bridge to get into the restaurant. Plus, they have brown rice and lots of veggie dishes - I had the mixed vegetables which were yummy. Decent drink selection as well.

The sound is wonderful too - how great to hear Rob Cappelletto on guitar, Mark Herrera on bass, Jon Maharaj on bass and the inimitable Barry Romberg behind the drum kit. Upcoming gigs include Mike Murley (with a great band including Terry Clarke, Pat Collins and Dave Restivo), Dave Young, Daniel Barnes, Reg Schwager and pianist/singer Mike Lewis - a must see Larry tells me. He is justifiably proud of his music programming in the venue.

I urge you to check it minor point, as there is no official quiet policy sometimes large parties can get raucous - still it is nowhere near the level it gets to often at the Rex.
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