Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunny Side of the Street

Well, this tune came to mind after a stroll over to a new veg cafe on Dundas - 1371 actually - just west of Dovercourt - E.L. Ruddy's. It's a funky little spot with an interesting mish mash of furnishings and yummy offerings - mostly vegan with some vegetarian offerings and lots of gluten free. There's a great variety of soups including Vegetable Barley, Mexican Black Bean and what I sampled Cashew Cream Tomato and Yam - complete with homebaked bread..nom nom nom as Cookie Monster says. Numerous options titled "Boring Breakfast" are available as well. Also sampled the Fennel and Pea Risotto..yummm. The proprietor offers Ideal Coffee and Tealish Tea as sure to check out this cozy cafe - open Tuesday through Thursday 9  - 8 p.m. Friday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. - closed Mondays.

This photo is from their Facebook page...the space is adorable. One of the owners herself is waiting tables - Helena Kosikova, perhaps a little harried but smiling - if they continue to be as busy as evidenced by the steady stream of customers - they may need an extra body or two.

Connie Kaldor was throughly enjoyable last night - as always, very funny and entertaining - she joked that she was possibly the only person who had given birth to 50 percent of her band - her sons were with her last night.  Of course it included the treasures of "Wood River" and "Bird on a Wing" and the poignant "A Mother's Prayer". Connie switched back and forth between guitar and piano and obviously still holds her Saskatchewan roots close to her heart - witness "Family Farm" and the cute double entendre number about "if you like her perogies she will like your kielbasa".  Always a delight to hear plain and simple, simply good singer/songwriters.

I had this discussion with a couple of people at Azure on Friday night - that it seems many people and particularly of a younger crowd may be missing out on the joy and spontaneity, the comraderie and communal experience of live music - now being used to downloading whatever they want to hear...a little sad that.

When I got home last night - caught Paul Giamatti on The Daily Show - he seemed really nervous chatting with Jon Stewart - giggling and fidgeting in his chair like a teenage girl....of course, that endears him to me all the more.

Also channel surfing - "The Exorcist" - somewhat laughable special effects now and perhaps even then - not really scary at all...perhaps I am jaded by the all the archness of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"...:)

Some beauty admist the late night - the Christian Dior Spring 2011 fashion show with John Galliano taking a bow at the end - beautiful, colourful, airy, feminine and ethereal creations. Gorgeous.
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