Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cafe Prowl

This morning after a 7 a.m. Boot Camp at CORE - yes 7 a.m. - I am proud of myself for getting up that early - even though I was waking up on the hour or possibly half hour afeard of sleeping in!

I decided to branch out and check out two newish cafes which have come to my attention - either from strolling by or being written up in the Toronto Star. The first is on Spadina at Adelaide and called Senses - they have an amazing selection of brew concoctions available - I went for the Turkish latte as it promised cinnamon and cardamom - two of my favourite spices and those I usually add into my french press coffee at home.

Initially I thought - hmmm...Turkish, does that mean it takes longer to brew? But I realized in the busy morning rush they had forgotten about me. But talk about great customer service - they apologized profusely and brought me a complimentary pain au chocolat - freshly baked...exquisite! The coffee, served in a bowl was wonderful as well...I will return.

Next, after my optometrist visit - I was getting a new round of contacts and eyeing (ooo bad pun alert) some new frames - by FYSH - lavender/lacy cutout on the arms...I got another caffeine hit closer to home at Thor - at 35 Bathurst Street and Niagara. As befitting it's name - it's a clean, minimal, bright space - with comfy modern Eames chairs - not the hard wood surfaces that are a little unkind to aging backs in other places I could name. They have been open about a month and a half and offer tempting looking scones, breakfast cookies, lots of hipster reading material - plus they are really close to my residence. There are plans for some outdoor seating when the weather becomes more promising.

Musically now - a couple of happenings - if you are in NYC be sure and check out Dan Jamieson's Quintet at Miles Cafe - 212 E 52nd Street - so wish I could! It's this Thursday night starting at 9:30 p.m.  Yet another jazz club I didn't know about. I will be there in spirit and so I can live through those who are able to vicariously...www.milescafe.com/ny,, - 

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Also, former 13th
212 E 52nd St.
 - drums

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