Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Murley

Murley/Murray - yes there is some connection there - plus Mike is also from Nova Scotia - where my dad is from -  and yes, he is head of Jazz Studies at York - so we email back and forth about "Jazzology" - and he is one of my favourite saxophonists.

Tonight at the Rex is a much anticipated CD release with his Septet - that's the 9:30 show. He's also performing at the Pilot on Saturday afternoon with a quartet and coming up at China House on February 3rd. Speaking of which Adrean Farrugia is there tonight and the "Young Lions" group next week - which includes Robb Cappelletto - former "Jazzology" guest and York students...York and "Jazzology" and Mr. Murley - you see the thread.

I went to a great lecture on Tuesday night at the Revue Cinema - film noir - "The Road to Perdition" - this will be a series through Ryerson and upcoming topics include "The Wrong Man" and "Femme Fatale" - can't wait - because Film Noir and jazz are very simpatico. I was just thinking that "No Country for Old Men" was very noir - with Josh Brolin the average joe who finds the stash of drug money, the shades of grey, the villainy of Javier Bardem, the ambiguous ending. Not so much the black and white cinematography anymore - but that would be cool if someone would do a film like that too. We already know the Coen brothers are fans - one of their early films was "Blood Simple" and of course, "Miller's Crossing" and "The Man Who Wasn't There".
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