Monday, January 3, 2011

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I realize I have neglected to post anything over say the past few days and it's time to get back to the keyboard - New Year and all - I am looking forward to all that 2011 can bring - filled with good surprises.

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of cat sitting - Freyja and Inanna - two delightful 8 year olds - one tortie and one black - they are real sweethearts - wonderful temperments and very friendly. I am posting photos of said kitties. It certainly is nice having a cat around again...

Went to see "True Grit" on New Year's Eve - I advise you do so as well - it's great. Jeff Bridges may erase any memories of John Wayne - he is outstanding as is the young actress Hailee Steinfeld.........and Matt Damon as the vain Texas Ranger John LeBoeuf. I'm pretty sure there will be Oscar noms all around...

I am currently reading "Tales of a Female Nomad" which is fascinating and at the same time frustrating - as it brings up issues for me - the wanderlust, the feeling I haven't accomplished much reading about a late 40's woman who has adventures and has published numerous books...sigh. I am going to perservere though as obviously this is hitting a nerve. Something I need to work through obviously - my feelings of insecurity - a project for 2011, if you will.

I am excited to go and see "Assassins" on Thursday at the Toronto Theatre Centre as Whitney Ross-Barris is in it. I am also looking forward to another round of Bill King's Vocal Workshop "The Singer and the Song" - onward and upward!  I am grateful in 2010 that I achieved a couple of goals - singing onstage at GNO and having a winter tropical vacation plus taking my first trip outside Canada alone - well almost alone - the flying part to NY and going to a jazz club there by myself. Baby steps...

I have also gotten to know many great people through Facebook - among them Dan Bodanis - a talented musician and positive individual...I hope to make many more friends in the New Year. I also regret the loss of some old friends - the untimely passing of Paul Wilde and Craig Magill and the departure of my friend and mentor Larry Green from Jazz FM - but of course, not from this earth - he has a lot more to give - check out the great lineup at China House every Thursday!

I do feel I am getting more confident every day and living up to the Goddess label. Here's to a magical year!
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