Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yes, I have finally succumbed to the siren call of Apple - upgraded to an iphone as my cell - have to restrain myself from downloading apps and far I have add Jazz FM of course..:) I have tried out the camera function too - which will be convenient for snapping photos when I'm out on the town.

I am listening to Halie Loren's cd "After Dark" - which I would highly recommend for Valentine's Day - some soft candlelight, a nice wine, great veg meal and beautiful blossoms - oh and great quality chocolate - magnifique. She covers such tunes as "Ode to Billy Joe" - read as a blues and "Give Me One Reason" - Tracy Chapman as well as some lovely Jobim on

Musically - Lee Konitz is in town at the Glenn Gould on Friday - maybe he will show up at Azure to sit in with Dan and the guys (plug alert), over at Humber it's the rescheduled Latin Jazz Night - always fun, the Heavyweights are the Painted Lady on Ossington tonight.
If you're out Guelph way - my friend Brenda Lewis will be warbling at the Red Papaya.

Saw "The Secret Garden" this week which was enchanting and one of my favourite books as a child. The lead actress playing Mary Lennox, Sophie Kavanaugh is outstanding with a talented supporting cast.
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