Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pizzicato Pussycat and purrfect curls

Thanks to Whitney Ross Barris and Lee Wallace for posting this on Facebook  - the moral of the story is peace is restored and happiness when jazz takes over the house...:)

I love those Warner Brothers cartoons - I also suggest checking out the "Three Little Bops".

I got an education in treating my curly hair yesterday at Curl Ambassadors on Harbord - it has only taken me 48 years...but here are the results:

IMG_1189.jpgThanks to Sharlea and some Deva products - the "Lo Poo" - only to be used a couple of times a week, conditioner and a styling gel...I am embracing my curls again....can't wait to get a cut and highlights - yesterday was only styling - it's a cozy little place and very welcoming - and BUSY - all those curly creatures dying to have some loving and knowledgeable treatment of their locks

Speaking of curly girls - Julie Michels and George Koller are releasing a CD tonight - with concert at Glenn Gould. studio at 8 - those two are a dynamic duo - voice and bass - always a great combo. Plus, you know there are going to be interesting musical choices as well...visit for more deets.

Coming up on Saturday at Trane - the multi talented Era Chorna with Bill King...
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