Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Un A bashed

Thanks to eagle eye reader David A for correcting my profile - all this time it read that I am an "unbashed" worshipper - what does that mean I wonder? Not broken? Usually I am a stickler myself for  such errors....but now I wonder how closely were all the rest of you reading that you didn't notice? Hee hee.

Today a big snowstorm is predicted - we shall see...in the meantime I made some orange, chocolate chip and coconut muffins with a smattering of chopped hazelnuts. I am also still waffling - to use a lame cooking reference on getting an iphone as my next cell - I could check my email and listen to music...hmmm...

While hunkered down indoors during these grey winter days I have been devouring a series of mysteries, set in the 1940's - featuring an actress named Rosie Winter, by Kathryn Miller Haines. Consequently, I am looking for ways to use "swell" and "jake" - meaning okay, as in "I'm feeling jake"...maybe we should go for a cup of joe or I need to rest my "pins" after wearing these new shoes - my "dogs" are barking...

I love that period - particularly the fashions. They are great reads for immersing yourself in that era.
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