Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

The ladies were sparkly  last night at the Oscars - at least the dresses were - the proceedings not so much...I like Anne Hathaway but she grew more and more grating as the evening went on - like a hyper cheerleaders as someone pointed of the funniest tweets I read was someone suggesting perhaps they should have had a "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" moment - with Ricky Gervais inside...

Hailee Steinfeld looked like a princess, and loved Michele Williams simple but luminous appearance - very gamine.

No wonder people were excited when Billy Crystal came out and said "So...where was I"? The movie montage fell someone flat at the beginning - Mr. Crystal really owns that, sorry. Best moment was screenwriter David Seidler's speech - "My father always said I would be a late bloomer" - kudos to the 73 year old Oscar winner.

All in all it felt really awkward - although I must say I was impressed by an abnormally subdued Celine Dion performing "Smile". And even though I admire Lena Horne - that seemed like a bizarre afterthought tribute by Halle Berry.

Vegan poster girl, mom-to-be and Oscar winner Natalie Portman looks from Us Magazine's website. She does seem to like purple and always looks elegant.

Tonight is an excursion to the Old Mill - tribute to Bill Evans with Robi Botos and Brian Browne...
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