Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In defense of "Glee"

It seems there is a major hate-on going around these days in the media for "Glee"..the old oh, used to be good and fresh but now is cheesy vein, jumped the shark, long in the fill in the stock phrase. Call me crazy but it seems to stem a lot from male writers.....coincidence? I think not. Why is it always okay to like something but when everyone else does, well then it's selling out!?

Well people it does involve bursting out into song at every opportunity - so duh, not naturalistic or realistic if you want to go there...but so what? I keep watching - because the cast is talented and works very, very hard to make it all seem seamless and effortless. I always find myself cheered, uplifted and singing along at points. Plus, looking up tunes I'm not familiar with...hey, they even slipped in "My Funny Valentine" this week.

It deals with themes like homophobia, bullying, racism, disability, love and relationships and the general hell that is the high school clique.

So if I am a hopeless loser "gleek" - just as I am a left wing artsy bike riding pinko - that is your problem and not mine. It makes me happy and that's all she wrote.

Photo courtesy of Fox.
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