Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Farewell to David "Fathead" Newman

I had the opportunity once of meeting Mr. Newman and his lovely wife at the station. He will be sorely missed...most people will know of him from the movie "Ray" (which many feel didn't accurately portray his relationship with the late Mr. Charles). He recorded a very successful album called "I Remember Brother Ray". Of course aside from his collaborations with Ray Charles, he worked as a studio musician with many greats including Aretha Franklin as well as his own recording career with Atlantic and leading a number of quartets. He visited Toronto on numerous occasions, where I was privileged to hear him. I am sure Brother Ray is saving a spot in his heavenly band... And now a book recommendation..why should movies get all the credit? I just finished Jhumpa Lahiri's latest collection of short stories "Unaccustomed Earth"...fabulous. A gorgeous tapestry of the Bengali experience in old world and new, of how family unites and divides, love unrequited and love rediscovered...poignant and powerful. Check out her first collection "Interpreter of Maladies"...also great.
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