Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gate 403 with Chris Butcher

Chris Butcher and his Lower Etobicoke Sound band :) Chris is the trombone player along with Jim Sexton on bass and a wonderful guitarist whose name I didn't catch..bad, bad!! Jesse Markowitz sat in with his sax for a couple of numbers.. A few brave souls including my friend Christina and myself caught their 5 - 8's freezing here in Toronto this week - reminds me of my years in always warms the soul of course...and red wine.. At left is Ori Dagan, looking like the hipster he is...Ori provided vocals on "Sweet Georgia Brown" and a couple of other tunes..this is what happens when you start drinking the wine to warm up...details... I'm going to check out one of Ori's last gigs at "Dazzling" Restaurant on King in a couple of hours...and will have more photos. I also enjoyed a few tunes by the next act, Julian Fauth. Julian was down at Jazz FM that very afternoon to tape a segment of Danny Mark's show "Bluz FM" which airs on Saturday nights. Julian had a marvelous guitarist with him - Marc Roy. Another post tomorrow....I just made some raw "brownies" which are really tasty from Rose Vasile's book "Cooking with Raw Rose"...
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