Monday, January 12, 2009

Food for the skin and soul

I read about this charming young man in the "Toronto Star" this morning. He is apparently based in Portland and has help from mom and dad. Still, it's amazing that he knows more about ingredients and his way around a kitchen than many grown men!

He is adorable - enjoying tasting everything he is making and using words like "yummified"...

I had trouble uploading the video but here's a link which might work so you can see him in action... He apparently also composed the "theme" music...:)

It's interesting how you find new things in your neighbourhood, even shops that have been there for 5 months...I blame it on Canadians keeping their heads down during the winter months. Well, I found the delightful skincare shop TVAL ( - their head office or at least the Canadian head office is located in St. John's Newfoundland. They have a variety of lovely creams, bath products, facial skincare, handmade soaps and even mineral makeup. Most of the products are made right in the store - the ingredient list is simple and you know the products are fresh without a lot of nasty preservatives. I bought a Cleansing Milk with Geranium and a Lilac Blossom soap...which reminds me of spring when I smell it. Lilacs in May are one of my favourite scents...

Later tonight I'm going to the Rex to see Dave McMurdo's Jazz Orchestra and tomorrow visiting Gate 403 to see Chris Butcher and the Lower Etobicoke sound (Chris is a wonderful young trombone player who hails from Winnipeg, studies at Humber and was a guest on "Jazzology") Promise to take photos this time!

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