Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reading and enjoying the sun

Yes, it's really cold today...however with the sun streaming in the's feels like summer..:) I made some Mediterranean Dolmas last night from Ani Phyo's books....I had to restrain myself from eating I am going off the wagon slightly (the raw wagon) and making a Vegan Lasagna recipe I found intriguing. From my RawFoodTalk website (through Alissa Cohen) I picked up a couple more recipes - a "Rich Cheddar Sauce" and a very decadent sounding "Warm Fudge"...mmmm...fudge.... I am reading "Positive Energy" by Judith Orloff so let's hope it rubs off... Still putting the word out that I need a job/ everyone and the universe in general. I may go over to the Rex tomorrow night for "John McLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra" and their monthly gig and to see my brother. Later in the week, going to hear Mike Murley at same venue...I haven't seen him perform for a while, so it's time. Mike is in charge of the "Jazzology" students from York U...
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