Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Wake Up Call

So, my doctor is concerned now about my high blood pressure...I AM not repeat, not going on medication since I think that causes more problems than it helps...I have been dealing with a fair amount of stress this year - financial worries, relationship and oh yes, my mom passed away...think that might have something to do with it? Not to mention your doctor looking worried and then asking you if it's stressful to take b.p....duh!! Instead, I am vowing to make diet and lifestyle changes - more raw food or trying raw completely for a while...watching sodium, exercise meditation and consultation with my naturopath...whom, let's face it I trust more since they treat the whole person and not just the disease...I have recently been trying to do some more yoga as well to de-stress. I was feeling a little depressed about the health thing...but instead see it now as a challenge to be healthier..must be my Aries..:0 Perhaps more jazz is the answer as well? Looking forward to the first taping of the new year next Thursday with Nathan Hiltz, a wonderful young guitarist and U of T student. Also, Max Senitt has a group at Gate 403 this Friday at 9 and I may pop by Chalkers on Sunday for Fern Lindzon.
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