Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun at Jane and Larry's

I love impromptu invitations...especially when they are extended by fun jazz people...that phrase is actually redundant since I know few unfun (nonfun?) jazz people.. A lovely evening at Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer's place in Parkdale with great food, conversation and of course music. Larry and Jane are artistic directors of that fabulous jazz festival - Art of Jazz - which displays their impeccable taste and is very intimate..a great little festival that needs more sponsorship and patrons. They brought in the delightful Hermeto Pascoal from Brazil last year - a 5 year old's enthusiasm in a 70 something body... Can't wait to see what's up for this year... Many of their Parkdale neighbours were there including the fabulous Reiner Schwarz....whom I haven't seen in FAR too long - ever since he departed from Jazz FM. Miss him and his wonderfully electic musical selections! I just found out about a delightful blog I think you should check out The images are great and it's fun reading about her dog Monty...
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