Saturday, January 24, 2009

Richard Underhill Trio at Ten Feet Tall.

Such a treat to hear Richard Underhill with Reg Schwager on guitar and Artie Roth on bass at this cozy Danforth venue...also, the place was packed which was nice to see.
Having only been there in daylight hours it was good to take in the place at night...I liked the pink ladies room complete with feather boas!
Mr. Underhill played a number of selections from his latest "Kensington Suite" which pleased the crowd a lot...I didn't ask if he cycled over since he is often spotted in Kensington (his neighbourhood) and points around town on his trusty steed.
Tonight there is a little TVA party in the yummy food, like minded people and NOT having to go out in the deep freeze again today..
Speaking of Kensington..just did the bi-weekly shopping trip. Kensington is my supermarket - love all the vendors there - it's so great having a personal connection. Especially love 4 Life - the place is known for best music in the market, jovial owner, great produce selection and one of his assistants has the most wonderful smile, not to mention he is really cute...I have a little crush on I'm sure do many female patrons.
They are going to have raw vegan chocolate available for Valentine's!
The couple who owns Sugar and Spice are great as is the older lady (who name I must get) - I think she may be Portuguese - she has a bulk store on the same block as Tom's Place..she is really sweet.
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