Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bedding Plants and Bop

These green beauties are awaiting their new home in the community garden plot. It seems the weather will cooperate tomorrow. There is a lovely lemon basil and several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, purchased yesterday at Urban Harvest. Can't wait... Checked out Kollage at the Pilot yesterday afternoon and it first it seemed like Bikram jazz...a little overheated in there...the musicians were certainly getting a workout.. Archie is always a gentleman and a delight - he's such a treasure - loving the music, holding his own and more on the drum kit and going strong. Brian O'Kane on trumpet and Kelsey Grant on trombone were welcome additions yesterday. Of course, Mr. Botos his usual stellar self...does the man ever have an off day? Last night I watched "Yes Man" with Jim Carey...a good message to say "yes" to life and funny. Off to Whitby for a birthday Lily Frost post is up on Jazz FM and this week it's Gate 403, The Rex and a couple of U of T recitals...
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