Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bluegrass Brunch at the Dakota

What could be more delicious than good hearty food on a Sunday? How about a healthy side of bluegrass?
The resident trio the Lonesome Ace String Band provides a step above your ordinary weekend brunch. The trio are also part of the fabled "Foggy Hogtown Boys" a band I've had the pleasure of hearing many times but it had been far too long for me to hear one of my favourite art forms. Max Heineman on bass was a particular standout with his strong, plainitive vocals. Chris Coole on banjo and guitar and John Showman on fiddle also contribute great vocals and playing. Check them out in this or the Foggy Hogtown Boys combination.
In spite of the crowd the service is great and friendly and the food good and plentiful. It's also fun to watch the little sprouts dancing to the music..
Here is the first look at this year's garden.
Fortunately there has been a lot of rain this week so watering has been minimal.
Right now I smell of campfire smoke as there was old boards from defunct plots being is more like fall than spring.
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