Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keita and Carob

This handsome gentleman is Keita Hopkinson who runs - he is a mild mannered library employee by day, jazz promoter by night.
Last night he produced a great crowd at Chalkers for Neal Caine/Jason Marsalis. I hope to see many more exciting events from this hardworking and charming guy.
Unfortunately I didn't get a great shot of the band...oh well...
And now onto food....
These raw carob walnut raisin cookies are from Ani Phyo's latest " Ani's Raw Food Desserts". I am a big fan of hers since "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen" - her Mediterannean Dolmas have become a staple. She is so vibrant and alive she is a great representative for the raw food lifestyle.
These are really yummy!
Tonight is "Jazz Lives" which I will blog about on the Jazz FM website, speaking of very first blog is up today, about Michael Kaeshammer...I am very excited!
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