Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Revisiting the 70's

Maybe it's spring fever but I've been watching a lot of 70's era videos on YouTube like Player's "Baby Come Back", Ace's "How Long" and Little River Band's "Reminiscing"...I think it was listening to Alan Maitland on CBC on Sunday morning saying he hadn't paid any attention to music during that decade. His guest, a fan of 70's music, was saying the era was significant, not fluff like many have said, particularly about disco. The clubs were places for the disenfranchised - women, African-Americans and gays and was a place for those disenchanted with all the progressive rock - which also alienated the punk rockers. I listened to both punk and disco... I was singing along to Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" and dancing around to KC and the Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight"
Photo by Yozza - from flickr/creative commons. Went to see the Humber Community Music School recitals at the Rex on Sunday..good stuff - hope to flesh out my visit more on the Jazz FM blog...I am anxiously awaiting it's debut! I am thinking of venturing out of the 'hood up to Chalkers for the Neal Caine/Jason Marsalis event tomorrow...funds permitting. It should be a great gig - they're being interview at 3 on Larry Green's show. Have a successful show either way Keita!! Thursday is "Jazz Lives" which I will also blog about for the station...I am anticipating a marathon of music. Friday - there will be shopping at Louisa LaBarbera's place - jewellry maker to jazz fans and "divas" alike - plus snacks....food and shopping, plus it's jazz related (her dad is saxophone great Pat LaBarbera).
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