Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heeere's Ron!

You will see Ron's smiling face if you happen to come down to the station most weekday mornings...I wrote a little blog post on him a couple of days ago but didn't have a photo..I remedied that today... Speaking of which I still need to figure out the functions on the Canon Power night shots in clubs and close ups.... Patrick Boyle, that talented denizen of Newfoundland had the second of his DMA recitals at Walter Hall, U of T tonight...I thought about calling it "Music from The Rock"..but maybe people would assume I was talking about the former wrestler, turned movie star. "The Rock" being of course, Newfoundland... Patrick even presented a composition in honour of that province's 60th anniversary of joining Canada called "Well Enough Alone"...the sometimes ambivalent union with our country...The opening tune was an interesting choice...a little Dylan "The Times they are A Changing" a duet with Tom Van Seters (also a "Jazzology" guest) on piano. Brendan Cassidy on sax and clarinet, Mike Downes and Jon McCaslin (another J guest) added their talents to the evening. Switching continents, "Raga Puriya Kalyani" was completely hypnotic with Ed Hanley of Autorickshaw on tabla. Patrick explained he had the opportunity of studying Indian Music in New York recently with Zakir Hussain (the composer of this piece ) among others . Of course, most amusing and pleasing for me was seeing everyone in suits and ties. Patrick was the first student in the history of "Jazzology" who wore a suit and tie!
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