Monday, May 11, 2009

Fingers and toes...

I indulged and had a mani/pedi this afternoon at the local nail's a little like Angelah Johnson's "Nail Salon" comedy routine...except the sweet ladies there don't comment on my personal life and choices...:)
The mani is in Essie's "Gorgeous Glow" - I think that's the name a lovely opalescent sheer and pedi is in Essie's "Whisper. I like being a girl..
Speaking of which, I have just finished reading Norah Vincent's "Self Made Man" which provides great insight into the whole concept of gender issues. Norah "becomes" a man and infiltrates such male centred places as a monastery, a strip club, a bowling team and an "Iron Man" therapy group. It's a great read with a lot of revelations for herself and women in general, especially when she takes on the dating scene and its' expectations and assumptions. I have also read her latest book where she admits herself to a series of mental hospitals, "Voluntary Madness" - a poignant look into how the mentally ill are treated and or/mistreated.
Monday is usually big band night at the Rex - tonight it's Bobby Rice's Latin Jazz Big Band with many of our scene's finest including Max Sennitt on drums.
Tomorrow is Jazz Jam night hosted by another Humber alum, Justin Gray...I hope to take in both...I'll let you know if funds permit, after I have glammed myself up...
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