Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Worship Wayne Dyer

There, I have said it and I am not the least bit ashamed. Although, he likely wouldn't condone worshipping him...:) The reason for this is watching the film "Ambition to Meaning" - Finding your Life's Purpose" which was screened at yet another amazing, Positive Fabulous Women event - now you will get another notice, Katia...:) A drama, starring Dr. Dyer and Portia de Rossi among others provides yet more inspiration to me to go back and read all my Wayne Dyer books and get out of my ego, go with the flow and "let go and let God"...The characters all experience their own "shifts" - from a driven movie director obsessed with success, a mother of two who has put aside her artistic inclinations and a status obsessed, disintegrating couple. I really enjoyed the musician character, played by Ethan Lipton who had found through being dismissed from his job an opportunity to pursue what he really loved. The tunes at the wedding were delightful. They were jazzy - so there's my jazz content! Louise Hay even makes a brief appearance officiating at the wedding... What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.
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