Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tofu Florentine

This is Cory Weeds not to be confused with Tofu Florentine...although if I had put a photo of Denzal Sinclaire in here he does have a tune called "Tofu and Greens"....
I tried out this recipe from "Veganomicon" tonight and it's delish! It is a brunch item but so what? When I want brunch it doesn't matter if it's 6 p.m.
I am going to check out the Yorkville Art Walk tonight and I am frantically trying to come up with creative presentation ideas for my deadly nut butter cookies for the Vegan Bake Off on Saturday.
Yesterday, I submitted my passport application - in a DOWNTOWN office, if you can believe it and it only took HALF AN HOUR! Plus, the clerk/agent was pleasant...I am certainly pleased to have had such a smooth experience. True to form, though the office did still have the soul sucking flourescent lighting...oh, well. I expect it to arrive in about 3 weeks....just being prepared for eventual exciting and glamourous international travel.
Jazzwise - tomorrow night Sophia Perlman, Adrean Ferrugia and Pat Collins are at the Home Smith Bar. Cory Weeds, saxman and head honcho of "The Cellar" in Vancouver is in town for 2 nights at Chalkers starting Saturday. Nick "Brownman" Ali starts his highly anticipated annual tribute to Miles Davis over 5 Fridays at Trane Studio.
Margot Roi is at Statlers tomorrow.....and that's just for starters...
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