Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dragons and horses

Last night...discovering a Japanese restaurant across the street from my building - where I have lived for 3 years mind you...oh well....Here is the very cool Veg Dragon Roll. It is a charming spot - Ichiban Sushi...Our waitress did a great job of checking with the kitchen if items contained any fish in them - so no go on the broth... Saw the great Michael Moore documentary "Capitalism - A Love Story" at the Revue - alternately enlightening and infuriating...but heartening in sections and of course good doses of humour. Today....the Royal Winter Fair - which I have never been to - if you can believe it...lots of great food sampling - local products like cheeses and gourmet items plus all manner of horse accoutrement - blankets, stirrups, combs. I met the very fun ladies purveying "From the Meadow" - great skincare and pampering products - bath products - I got the Venus Milk Bath - which smells heavenly - lilacs. Had a mini facial massage with - get this - "The Secret". One side of my face was done first and then the other - I seriously looked like one of those before and after photos - I couldn't believe what a difference it made - so yes I bought it...along with some Pumpkin Body Cream - scrumptious. Another of the bath salts looked like aquamarine crystals - with the scent of vetiver and rosewood....yet, I had already done enough damage. Got to watch the tail end of the barrel riding...was that a terrible pun? My dear friend Christina was my valued and knowledgeable guide having done the catering gig for a while here in the royal box. She knows and is loved by everyone due to her sparkling and warm personality.
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