Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Local Vocal

I certainly love it when serendipitous events happen. I was at the Pilot one Saturday recently and happened to notice a store across the street called "Song and Script Music Store"....very intriguing and made a mental note to check it out after listening to Mike Murley's quartet.. I was delighted to find this shop jam packed with sheet music, DVDs and an amazing selection of jazz CDs. One of the most frequent questions you get at the Jazz FM desk is "Where do I find jazz CD's" - usually from people frustrated with selection at a number of chain music stores or uninterested in searching online. Here there is Diana Panton, Ori Dagan, Carol Welsman and others. A chance remark from one of the owners - the irrepressible Dane Taylor about the early sunsets and we were off to the races...happily chatting about jazz. The store has been around for some 27 years - formerly on Bloor now on Cumberland Terrace. One little game Dane used to play was piping Amanda Martinez's first CD out onto the street to unsuspecting listeners at the bus stop. Result: many, many CD sales... Dane has watched many a blossoming career over the years. He will play you his current enthusiasm, which in this case was one Robin Hayle - a CD I am listening to now..."Bed Full of Roses" - she has a lovely smoke laced honeyed alto. How great that he is so supportive of local musicians - a vital part of the music scene. Dane will even track down the CD for you, search and bring it in for you. He doesn't have a website but here are his email address and phone: Song And Script Music Store (in Cumberland Terrace) 416 923 3044 Toll Free 1 -888-599-9655 Email: Coming up a little review of Robyn Hayle.
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