Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marmalade and Chocolate and The Beach

I visited Lady Marmalade for a brunch meal today - it's located on Queen East - 898 and Logan. I didn't realize it had taken over the former Pulp Kitchen spot...cool.
Vegan options on the menu - funky tables and chairs - cozy and busy.
Feeling adventurous and having some time to kill before meeting up with a friend I decided to walk east toward the Beach. En route I checked out some shops and in particular Kakayo Chocolate Company at Queen Street East. They make amazing chocolate and even have vegan truffles - organic is the name of the game here and the shop is charming.
I also bought some lip balm - and this is jazz related - apparently a favourite of many a sax player - it's chocolate mint and is by Earthly Paradise 416 504 1653 and the creator also sells at the Dufferin Grove Market.
The Coconut Pistacho truffle (off the vegan wagon for that one) is incredible, postively silky...try out all the flavours. The dark chocolate bar is made with agave which I'm curious to try...I had been meaning to check out this shop for the longest time and finally got to sample the goods at the Craft Off The Lot show recently.
Still en route I checked out "The Purple Thumb" at 1887 Queen East just going into the Beach. They have a terrific collection of locally made and ethically produced goods including clothing and jewellry. Plus - they had Jazz FM on in the store!
Afterwards tea and a cupcake from a shop way into the Beach called Life Is Sweet – A Cupcake House at 2328 Queen St. E., 416-698-0555 It was coconut...mmm... and a walk along the boardwalk watching the waves come in and the dogs frolic in them...
www.kakayo.com - 1584 Queen Street East.
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