Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rudresh at the Rex

I wonder does this make me a "moldy fig" ? In spite of the build up of the New York alto saxophonist's gig and the many musicians in attendance : Occhipinti brothers, Bob Brough, Chris Butcher among others...I couldn't get into it. Maybe it was my mindset last night...I don't know. I appreciate the musicianship involved, especially with our own Rich Brown on bass but when I watch the clock...I know I am not involved...I like to think I am very open to experimental music - which engages me. Kudos to the Rex for expanding the parameters all the time. I could have gone to Gate 403 to see Ali Berkok in a band, the Earth Tones - had I know the band personnel - this is always a nice touch when deciding on a show...or I could have gone to hear Cam Britton....oh well. I feel Mr. Murley et al will be more my speed this afternoon at the Pilot. Especially since I see Pat Collins is on bass and Barry Elmes on drums...two of our present and former "collaborators" on "Jazzology". New satin shirt...very 70's or Prince, his purple and veg fabulousness.
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