Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Finds...some delicious

Finally checked out White Lotus restaurant yesterday (303 Lansdowne) - right smack dab at Dundas and it was yummy. We had the #9, 22 and 46. Each dish comes with a little side of pickled vegetables. The pancake was really fun..filled with faux meat and bean sprouts and liberal accompaniments of fresh mint...yum. #22 - was grilled shrimp and lemongrass chicken with rice. #46 - yellow noodles and rice noodles with assorted "meats" and vegetables. All served with graciousness... It's been a long time since I've had great Vietnamese veg food - since the days of the sadly missed Lotus Garden on Dundas in Chinatown. I am very happy to find a replacement! Great music from Mike Murley and the band yesterday at the Pilot (Barry Elmes, Pat Collins and Ron Westray). Looking for jazz CD's especially local? Try the Song and Script Music Store across the street...more on my visit there hopefully in a Jazz FM blog. In the meantime 416 923 3044 or 1 888 599 9655....that's the toll free. Dane Taylor is the best! Enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend - off to a PFW event and then to Ten Feet Tall....
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