Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blunt Object at Arbor Room

Which is what one feels like they have been hit with ...but in a really good jazz way. This great ensemble of U of T students plays a lot of Carla Bley charts and is very polished and tasty! Under the leadership of Robin Jessome (trombone) they entertained a fair size crowd in the room...Robin is a former "Jazzology" guest as is fellow trombonist Heather Segger, her husband drummer Mark Segger and Ben Dietschi, saxophone. Ben did a lovely solo on a ballad " Utviklingssang"...whatever that means... Tom Van Seters (piano) remembered that I requested good chocolate for switching his taping dates...he is coming on the 26th... Turns out there was some kind of anniversary of the cafe/catering service in the room...thus, why there was a large buffet spread and even cake! Unfortunately or fortunately I had Ethiopian food before...which is very yummy and very filling due to the injera... A young man seated next to me was chatting with another foreign could I tell other than their very proper English? Dressed very neatly and the young man in question ate 2 bites of his cake - then went up and got a plate of veggies and dip....How many North Americans would do THAT? Saw "The Reader" today...mesmerizing Kate Winslet! A very complex issue, I love those movies that make you think...what would I do/have done in such a many shades of grey and Kate gives a wonderfully nuanced performance. Also with the delicious Ralph Fiennes..:) Photo courtesy of Alessandra Odega on flickr.
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