Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Current Obsession

I am currently obsessed with this movie - I have seen it twice now on TCM - perhaps I have a little "girl" crush on Kim Novak - she is now my idol...very sultry and sexy - what I aspire to be. The clothes are also great that she wears in the movie.
The idea of being a witch has been with me since I was little - my friends and I used to play at being Samantha from "Bewitched" - I think it's the idea of the ultimate power over men...and everything else..:)
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
Last night was fun at the Rex with Gary Smulyan's Nonet - Gary on baritone sax along with Nick Marccione won a Grammy this week for best Big Band Instrumental recording with their Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. They were playing the music of Frankie Laine - speaking of 50's stars...Most people know of him from pop/country tunes like "Rawhide" but he collaborated with such people as Billy learn something new every day! The place was packed and I barely got in. The local guys acquitted themselves very nicely - Alex Dean on sax, Brian Dickinson, piano; Terry Promane, trombone; Joel Haynes, drums; Darcy Heppner, sax; Pat Collins, bass...hmm that's eight I may be missing someone..
Happy V Day to all - all my love to any followers I may have...more jazz to come...
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