Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wrestler

This film is intense - in fact several people in the theatre, including myself had to look away at certain points i.e. the wrestling matches. There is a particular wince inducing one involving barbed wire and a staple gun...enough said. Mickey does give a great performance though ably assisted by Marisa Tomei. Gritty and poignant. Courtney Quebec Desloges was at the station for a taping yesterday. She is a pianist/vocalist student at York U. Her taping will be aired next Thursday. She is a delightful and lovely young woman with porcelain skin and titian pre-Raphaelite locks...puts me in mind of Lauren Ambrose, formerly of "Six Feet Under". Her influences include Joanne Brackeen and Shirley Horn, so she obviously has great taste. Possible excursion to the Rex tonight and to Ten Feet Tall on Sunday to hear Sophia Perlman, Circles Quartet on Monday at the Rex - featuring a former "Jazzology" guest, Hayoun Lee. I have been following the koala rescue "love" story of Sam and Bob in Australia - victims of the terrible bushfires along with so many others. Touching!
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