Monday, February 23, 2009

No Oscar for Oscar show...or I guess that would be an Emmy...

This is Marisa Tomei in her gorgeous Versace number - photo courtesy of Paolo Fernando Dias De Olivera and Flickr. In spite of what everyone said at the time, every time I see "My Cousin Vinny" she totally deserved her Oscar for that! Supporting in every sense of the word. Did you know Joe Pesci is a great jazz singer? He has done work with the fabulous Joey DeFrancesco. Was it just me or did anyone else find the Oscar broadcast to be cringe-inducing..I didn't even watch most of it...I guess they were trying to change it up but the whole experience felt really forced..."look at what a great time we're having"... I give credit to Hugh Jackman for trying, though... The few high points were Steve Martin and Tina Fey presenting and the winner for screenplay for "Milk" who gave a very moving acceptance speech... I was thinking fondly of Billy Crystal and wondering what fun there would have been if he had done his great inserting himself into all the movies pastiche. Can you imagine "The Wrestler"? Plus the anticipation of his commentary on everything...priceless! Lots of very pale colours and most everyone looked pretty - Natalie Portman had on a lovely orchid coloured gown - which some sources called hot pink?!?- way to go for choosing colour and looking elegant - she was even wearing vegan shoes by Stella McCartney! Photo courtesy of USA Today/Flickr. The least pleasing outfits were on Freida Pinto - was that a shroud? I certainly wish she had chose to wear a beautiful sari instead...also Goldie Hawn, she is a lovely woman but she is starting to look scary and trying to hard, that means you Sophia Loren - take note of the elegant Eva Marie Saint and Meryl Streep please.
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