Friday, February 6, 2009

Yesterday's guest Patrick Boyle

This was a first - I should have brought my camera! Patrick Boyle who is a trumpet/flugelhorn player at U of T in the doctoral program - actually wore a suit and tie...I was so impressed! Perhaps it's because he is from Newfoundland and those maritimers have a sense of what's proper/rising to the occasion. I couldn't wait to see Larry Green's reaction - he has expressed before that performers should treat gigs a little more seriously and sartoriarly (I think I just made up that word). Needless to say he was pleased with Mr. Boyle and the whole interview - he could talk with him for hours. I can't wait to hear the "Jazzology" - which should be airing next Thursday night at 9 p.m. It turns out Patrick knows another Newfoundlander at Jazz FM - the ebullient Heather Bambrick. Patrick started out playing guitar, then french horn in high school and now brass - although he says it doesn't seem attractive to women...we shall seems to have worked fine for Miles Davis, Roy Hargrove and Chet Baker. Going over to U of T Arbor Room at Hart House tonight to hear "Blunt Object" - some U of T students playing the music of Carla Bley - I 've heard them before and I can tell you it's great! Tomorrow afternoon perhaps a little trad jazz at Grossman's Tavern and visiting Harlem to see Jen Sagar....funds permitting...
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