Monday, February 2, 2009

A bit of blur...

I went to the optometrist this seems that cold I had a while back is still affecting my I need to go back in a couple of weeks to have my eyes properly tested...when I can focus. Apparently the surface of the eye is covered in little dry spots which irritate...kind of like having chapped lips..except it's chapped eyes... Unfortunately the only remedy is rest and time...the horrible in between of seeing better with my contacts...which also slows down the healing process...D'oh! (as Homer would say)... Oh well, it's a relief to know what's going on...apparently there's a lot of this kind of thing with our unusually cold and dry winter and many nasty viruses.. It will be high time to get my glasses replaced as well... This week's "Jazzology" is with Andrew Pacheco from York (back in school finally!), bass player and very handsome young man...I can appreciate cuteness, even if I prefer older men... Not sure what's on the jazz schedule...funds permitting... My brother Colin introduced me to people at his birthday party as "knowing every jazz musician in Toronto" (which I am proud of). He says musicians are always coming up to him and saying "I met your sister....."
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