Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full Moon

Which may explain my moodiness...I have a moon in Cancer, this moon is in Virgo..either way it seems to set me off. I have had a lot of blessings lately with people sending work/potential work my way...so thank you angels, spirit for these blessings. I am grateful. I also got to listen to the lovely and talented Emilie Claire Barlow rehearse for the live to air broadcast tonight on Jazz FM...going on as I write. Kelly Jefferson on sax, Reg Schwager on guitar and Ross Taggart on bass made for a wonderful soundtrack to my afternoon at the station. Ms. Barlow has a new album out....they were rehearsing a few tunes "You Make me Feel So Young" (one of my faves) and another of my faves "I'm Glad There is You". The album is called "Haven't We Met" and should be available...today! Check out her website www.emilieclairebarlow.com - she also writes a blog! Photo credit: Snow/Hunger Moon Rising - fifer1812/flickr
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