Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspiration at the Station

Hopefully this will be a young visitor to the station in a few years...minus the drama and tragic early death.
A young lady named Kaya came into Jazz FM this afternoon. She and her mom were in the area and as they drove by, Kaya spotted the Jazz FM sign and she had to come in! She is a big jazz fan and could even identify a photo (like this) of Billie, and one of the many of jazz icons hanging in the station.
Apparently she doesn't like people changing the station in the car...she got to visit with Larry Green who graciously showed her what he does on the afternoon drive show and also got to record a promo shot for Danny Marks' Bluz FM - she is quite the little professional! We were also treated to Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" which she apparently recently sang for Mayor David Miller. I think we are going to hear from this budding pianist/singer in the future - she is an "old soul" as her mom said.
Julie Michels dropped by to visit Jaymz Bee and gave me encouraging words about taking up jazz singing. "All God's children can sing"...and offered to help me out...now I just have to set my intention and get serious..
She is a powerful singer and great entertainer check out :
www. juliemichels.com
Photo from Flickr.
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