Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Flowers, some funds....

Well, the weather is finally warming up a bit and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, dreaming of spring. After living here in T.O. for a while I had never been to Allan Gardens, (that's it on the right) which is a lovely Victorian conservatory at Jarvis and Carlton, in the midst of a park. How refreshing to step into the temperate garden and see tulips, daffodils, primroses and anticipate spring...the scent of hyacinths was particularly heady and I was reminded of when I grew them in my own garden....the beauty attracted a wedding party as well. One of the other fun sections was the desert garden - I have always found cacti to be really cool, coming in so many interesting shapes and formations...a few were even blooming...but....I forgot camera...d'oh! This morning I got to realize my dreams of being a model...well okay a breast exam model....perhaps not as glamourous but certainly helpful to the 2nd year students at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. They were all very delightful and respectful and I learned some new things too...all is well...which is the best the cheque I will be receiving... Tonight is Sound of Toronto/Jazz FM's tribute to Art Tatum with Robi Botos and Adam Mackowicz (I probably got the spelling wrong) at the Old Mill. I was not able to meet Jonathan McCaslin U of T student this morning, but I understand the taping went very well...what?!! without moi? Sorry, minor goddess fit...:) Photo from Flickr -cmlburnett (Common Hyacinth)
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