Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Red Figure

This figure was given to me last night by a strange little Chinese man who was drawing pictures of Julie McGregor - the singer I went to hear, accompanied by the wonderful Norm Amadio on piano. I have a feeling it may be something to do with abundance - since there are no accidents..:) It was a "jazz meetup" group so good music and conversation. I had an interesting "intuitive reading" this morning with Linda Eales - she gave the BodyTalk session/lecture last week at All One Clinic's open house. Not surprisingly it focused on my head...(I think too much) and a block between my emotional and intellectual...interesting and accurate. Craniosacral would help and also coconut oil for my lymphatic/thymus and strangely enough I have been craving that! Also, be cautious of my ankles - which are connected as well as the neck area to my gallbladder meridian (I had that removed a few years ago) and deep breathing to open up my heart centre. It was also showing "bruising" - hence the guardedness/reserved vibe I give off to people. Fascinating...I would like to go for a longer session. The owl figure showed up too..a totem? Weird because I had a dream about owls the other night!! After all, I need to take care and realize my full goddess potential!
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